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Five new programs and over 300 new workouts

Dive into CGX's transformative workouts with Beastmode, IRON, Unleash, and intent, each lasting 6 to 10 weeks. Join thousands of our members who have elevated their fitness levels. FREE 14 day trial for new members!

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Get exclusive new workouts and premium features in the brand-new CGX platform, training alongside Caroline Girvan.

Exclusive Workouts

New and exclusive workouts suitable for all levels, from beginners to intermediate and advanced.

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Introducing five new programs: Ultimate beginner, Beastmode, IRON Unleash, and intent.

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Caroline and experts provide nuanced information to empower decision-making.

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Meal ideas, by Caroline

Discover Caroline Girvan's simple, nutritious, and delicious recipes and meal ideas.


Meal ideas, by Caroline

Get inspired and achieve your fitness goals with Caroline Girvan’s expert guidance. As a certified personal trainer and MNU-certified nutritionist, Caroline offers easy meal ideas that will help you eat better and feel better.

Check out her convenient and cost-effective recipes, available exclusively on CGX, and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle today!

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Embark on a journey of learning and growth with Caroline and a team of esteemed experts. Explore over 200 evidence-based articles to expand your knowledge and reach new heights. FREE 14 day trial for new members!

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The 6-week ultimate beginner program

A 6-week program consisting of 3 workouts per week, before moving to 4 workouts per week. It is perfect if you are entirely new to training and want to learn the basics.

Each workout is between 30 and 40 minutes in duration. It will involve full-body workouts to target major muscle groups, with the fundamental compound movements coexisting with isolation exercises to target those individual muscles.

The format is mainly the fundamental compound movement to recruit the major muscle groups with isolation movements typically towards the end of each session.

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Learn the moves

‘How to’ is an abbreviation for ‘How to perform a certain movement in a way that suits your biomechanics, the position before you begin, inner cues to think about during the movement and amendments/variations that can be applied as we are wonderfully individual!’

CGX Form Library

Transform your workout routine with Caroline’s comprehensive video library of over 50 compound and isolation exercises.