Build who you want to be.

Education is empowerment. And empowerment helps form self-confidence, “a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement“.

At the core of training and nutrition will be the fundamentals. Those main compound movements, the balanced plate…. with diversity to bring the fun! And I’m so excited to bring the fun!

It is an honour to share this with you…and I hope you will have fun exploring!

Let’s go! Cx

A message from Caroline

Hello everyone!

And welcome to our new home! Ironically, this all began in my ‘actual’ home… back in 2020. Me, my dumbbells and my phone. Recording another quick workout using dumbbells to motivate the wonderful people I trained one-to-one who, at this time, were also at home due to the pandemic. I was helping them…yet reflecting now, it was also helping me.

Fast forward 3 years on YouTube, and 3 million incredible and inspiring people across the globe were joining me! We smashed many sessions…we had many days where it simply felt harder. I always relate this to the fact that to see a rainbow, we must see rain first. We have had so many incredible moments together! And I am eternally grateful for all the support and motivation you provided me during those 2 years.

CGX is a new beginning. It has been created for you. A new place to explore, learn, challenge and build the body and mind.

It has been created for me too. I needed a space of my own. Freedom to communicate and share more with you. To share what I have learned. Using evidence-based findings to point me in a direction whilst listening to psychological and physiological feedback to lead the way. Understand that bold statements require context, and I am only sometimes the ‘average’ within a study.